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Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids

Zeenat's work is exceptionally refined and sophisticated! I have two grids from her and as an ardent fan of the written and spoken light language, I find her work very easy to connect to. It is subtle in its working, so one has to be mindful of how it is working in our lives, but work it does! I highly recommend it for all sensitive people, lightworkers, star seeds and empaths. It is also aesthetically pleasing so just for its beauty too, it is a wonderful piece of art!

- N, Mumbai -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I was gifted this wonderful grid I choose to call "EIR" to support me overcome the blocks in my health. I spend 30-45 minutes every day in the morning meditating on the sofa right opposite to where "EIR" is seated. It feels wonderful.....I feel guided through the day in making sane choices about nutrition, medication, alternate therapies and managing emotions. In fact, I have been attracting the right kind of experts to help me overcome my disease. Surprisingly I have found a huge difference in my environment and people around too.....the emotional stress and pain around me which was a major trigger for me has been curbed to a large extent but in case there is one I am able to manage meltdowns around me far better than before. Thank you Zeenat for the wonderful fresh breadth you have brought to my life with this beauty I call "EIR".
- P, Mumbai
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’ve been along with the SoulSearch journey from the very start and was given the opportunity to design the logo. I remember I accepted it openly and it has only given me back in abundance. Working along with Zeenat on SoulSearch I’ve watched every grid she creates - with so much patience and how she humbly pours out her creativity onto the grids making each one a unique piece of art that serves purpose to our life. She was kind enough to make me one grid too and I can say with my experience it has worked very well for me. I’ve seen the change it has brought in my life and I’m grateful to know her personally. Thank you and God Bless!
- S, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My dearest friend gave me a gift for Christmas. She blessed me with a beautiful picture. At first glance it looked like circles & semi-circles arranged in a beautiful pattern. Then I saw a pattern emerge . It felt like a 'Cross'. On closer inspection it came across as " Christ". She did not say what it was at first. She then confirmed what I was seeing. It was a Light Grid of "Christ Consciousness"!! Wow Oh Wow was all I could say. She had channelled this. Immaculate in Perfection. Every circle, Semi circle Line was Perfect. It resonated deep within my Soul. Zeenat you are fabulous & awesome is all I could say. Am Deeply grateful to her for sharing this with me. Divine Thanks Zee.
- A, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’ve know Zeenat for a while and mainly in two parts…if I may say that - that’s before and after SoulSearch. And I remember she mentioned about SoulSearch and how thrilled she was to start this new journey. In a way I’m glad she is walking this path cause she’s always helping people and making a big difference in their lives. My experience with her work was through Crystal Grids and Light Language Transmissions. Honestly at first I didn’t know what to expect and I had so many questions…but she patiently answered all of them!
But before coming in contact with her healing techniques and grids there was this sense of slack in the way things were moving around for me. In time I understood how this all works and gradually I started noticing this change in my life - be it personal or my work. I felt more aware of the surroundings and I’m certainly grateful of the abundance I’ve been gifted with. I’m happy to be here and share my experience with you all! Thank you!
- S, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today on my 44th Birthday, I take this opportunity to thank my childhood friend Zeenath, we were out- of touch and reconnected almost after 20years. This is not a meer coincidence. I was always in search for something somewhere and so many questions in my minds, what's that's keeping me away from my dream life I always dreamt of. Today it's been almost 9 months and soul search has brought about so much of clarity in my life. Thanks Zeenat. This birthday I felt I am born again as I have got clarity of my Purpose in life and answers to many other questions that have been backlog my mind since long. I recommend all my near and dear friends to do connect with Soul Search and am sure your search will get the long awaited direction👍🏻
- J, Mumbai

Money Grid

Generally a yearly season that ends around March end to Mid April suddenly extends upto June!!!! A child who scores around 50% suddenly starts scoring 75% !!! More compatibility amongst the couple!!! Sudden urge to get expensive gifts for the wife!!! These are a few tangible miracles experienced after programming of the special grid from Zeenat!!! Thank you so much for being you and a channel for the light language grid that you brought along for us. The instant connect that we made with each other and your bubbling energy has been so very helpful. Looking forward for more such experiences and, of course, not to forget "YES TO MORE" from you dear!!!!
- A, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got this grid somewhere in February 2018 from Zeenat and since that day there have been some unusual unexpected developments resulting in a positive financial gains for me and my family. There was suddenly a development in February which will result in transfer of certain monetary benefits to us and these were never contemplated earlier. Also, during last couple of months, I found a business opportunity as a part of my hobby and this has resulted in financial gains for me directly. While I pursue my hobby, I am also getting some extra cash. One important thing is the placement of this grid...I was advised to keep this in my office or my bedroom. Keeping it in office for 2 days coincidentally had some adverse effect on my personal investments. I moved it to my bedroom and positive financial developments seem to be forthcoming thereafter.
- A, Mumbai -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Light Language Transmission

Yes, yes, yes to abundance on all levels !! After listening mp3 I got invitation to teach a class and more 1 on 1 clients. I felt overwhelmed. More clients are calling me, showing up from nowhere. 2 invitations to restorans and my friends did pay for me. I feel more clear. Definitely noticeable change. Also pain on right side of sacrum showed up from no where. It is lessening. Many programs taken so far, this program is making obvious changes super fast without doing anything, but listening mp3. I have to delete doubts that it will not last. Looking forward to 1:1 session in August 💝 - K, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't wait for my session with you as I am getting more money and I feel anxious about how I can handle that. I am listening to mp3 all the time and feeling up and down. Fear free and then that something bad can happen. My pain is all gone. Blessings, changes are noticeable. - K, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is so amazing and I am incredibly thankful and blessed to be here!! Thank you bunches beautiful spirit, Zeenat Lakdawalla for everything you are doing to help us all.💛 I had a stranger walk up to me and my daughter and gifted us an entire rooms decor to redecorate my living space in my home!! She had big bags of things she had bought.💛 - H, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is incredible, I got $10,000.00 check today from a friend, not expected at all...first I thought it is $100, but I can't believe it was that.. My husband did pass on on June 8th, but I wouldn't even consider that anyone could send me such a support, my goodness, this is incredible. it is amazing, hard to believe, never happened before ever that some would send me check like this, ever. I cried when I saw a check, for all of us: lets receive more and be able to do that with grace and love ! Also tonight, I was in a store to pick up a few things, had only $20 in my hand and it did cost more, I wanted to put 2 items away and the lady next to me pulled out $ and paid for them. I wanted to refuse, but she insisted, gave $ to a sales lady !!! I couldn't believe that it is happening to me, I said : thank you. Miracles are happening every day!! All I can do is to say: thank you. More for all group !!! Thank you was crying when I saw a check, for all of us: lets receive more and be able to do that with grace and love Zeenat Lakdawalla 💝 - E, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So happy to be here with all of you. I’ve been listening to the MP3s for almost 2 weeks now and I have to say that I have experienced most of the positive and detox symptoms at some point. In the last week, I received monies owed to me almost every day and I was able to pay some debts....a good feeling. I have a stronger sense that I can finally pay off my mountain of debts.... which is a very big deal 😃 - F, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While I listened to the light language transmission audio,I felt slight pain in my calf muscles,since I suffer from myopathy ie weakness in lower limb muscles, my calf muscles are quite inactive but I felt like contractions in my muscle and after listening to the audio for 3 days,on the 4th day I woke up to mild - moderate body ache (back, leg, stomach) even forehead was paining on touching.it felt like I have done some heavy exercise when i had done none. I realised how powerful the LLT is, and that I was experiencing the shift, the codes were doing their work in few days time and the pain subsided and now I feel very motivated to work on improving my health. I'm meditating regularly and eating healthy food. Super thanks to Zeenat for the awesome light language transmission. -M, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First time I came to know about you on ML Telesummit. It was an awesome session. I was a bit taken back when we did the transmission at the end of the session. Did not understand anything about it. It was a totally new modality for me. And somehow I thought that Yes this is what I want. And EUREKA, from all participants, I was selected to have a free session with you. I was seeking job for years and during our talk you told me to listen to the transmission 3 times at a stretch daily. I started doing it and things started changing. I also had some visions during the transmission which you clarified. And the day came. I had a face to face interview call after years which I cleared with ease. Had tension about the next round as the MD of the company was going to take that round. You again guided me to continue with the transmission. I did and cleared that round also. Now I have joined the company in a very senior position. All credit goes to you and the divine transmission. My deepest gratitude to you Zeenatji. You have come in my life as my Guardian Angel. There are no words that I can say to thank you. I pray to the Divine that just like me let others also be benefited by your divine modality. You have not taken a single penny from me for everything you have done for me. But, nothing is complete without some energy exchange. I will do the EE from my first salary. God does not come himself but sends the Angel to help you. And, you are my Angel. I Love you Angel. God Bless you. My heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you very very very much. - A, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was my first experience of what a transmission feels like. The minute Zeenat started I felt it. That was like "Oh Wow". I could feel a buzzing in my ears which kept growing louder & louder & it felt as if I was sitting in a SpaceShip whirling through Space. I then lied down & closed my eyes & Oh Boy what a beautiful peaceful feeling came over me. It was not at all scary or any of the sort. I felt it reach the depths of my soul. Felt it at a Soul Level. It resonated deep within my Soul. I then dropped off to sleep very peacefully. It was something I have never experienced in my life but it was so so amazing & awesome. Thank you my dearest friend for including me in this Space of Nothingness but still Resonating with Everything at a Soul Level!! Divine Thanks - A, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Zeenat i would like to share my experience when i heard about your light transmission work on mystic lotus group. Heard your interview about the fears that one has regarding different dis-eases. I too had fear regarding a particular disease. But when I heard your transmission there was rumbling in my stomach and after i finished listening to the transmission i had to use the washroom immediately and felt a relief !!! After that i have not got that fearful thought !!! Thank you !!! - S, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the retrograde time Zeenat you had put up a light transmission on our group!!! After hearing this transmission I had a fabulous sleep that night and got up refreshed in the morning. I never had this kind of sleep for a long time !!! Thank you Zeenat for your Divine work !!! God Bless you !!! Love and Light !!! - S, Mumbai

Laxmi Grid

The Day I Received My Money Grid In The Mail… I Received An UNEXPECTED CHECK for $900!!!! I was BLOWN AWAY with This Kind of Result!!! - W, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Started Receiving Gifts From Strangers, I Have Been Upgraded On Multiple Flights For FREE and… I Received An Inheritance From An Aunt Who I NEVER Thought Would Ever Give Me Anything! - F, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Receiving My Money Grid… I’ve Started My Own Company, My Tax Return Came Unexpectedly EARLY And I’ve Been Graced With Abundance In ALL Areas Of My Life!!! - S, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Money Grid Has Opened Up A Whole New World For Me Financially… Unexpected Developments Resulted In BIG Financial Gains! - A, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wish to thank you for your Money grid of Lakshmi... when I first saw it I was so blown away for what I saw is the power of LOVE and MONEY!!! I started getting money in the mail, so I sent some back with more money to these charities and then I saw the changes in my accounts!!! I have peace within myself now and I am able to smile at what used to be disappointments. I am grateful and blessed to have received this grid and healings from you. I am grateful and appreciate life more! - M, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been struggling financially for probably multiple lifetimes! So I originally scheduled a finance related session with Zeenat, but it became so much more! I knew I had blocks around it and I knew that Zeenat speaks the light language... which I had never experienced before and that's why I wanted to work with her. I had been listening to the mp3 she provided for several days before my session... and I experienced results before the session even happened! That week I made twice the income I normally do!
Zeenat summed up in one word, my entire problem, not just regarding finances, but life! It made me so acutely aware, it made such perfect sense, it was like someone turned on the light in the dark room. There was a palpable presence of helping spirits around, I experienced very clear and beautiful visions, including one of what could be the Goddess Lakshmi herself. Unforgettable session! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Zeenat 100%... her work is very powerful! Thank you for the experience! - A, United States -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cosmic Coasters

From the moment I received my Cosmic Coasters… I knew they were really special! The details that are encoded in these are just incredible! I immediately put my glass of water on one and some coins on the other… and within 24 hours the MAGIC BEGAN TO HAPPEN!!!! A friend who had been paying me $50 a month for some furniture she bought from me just out of the blue sent me the balance of $900 the very NEXT DAY!!! I was SHOCKED… she didn’t tell me she would be doing this and I figured it would take her another 2 years to pay off this debt!!!! I use these EVERY single day and I literally feel like I am floating on Cloud Nine!!! They REALLY are that powerful and now I want the entire collection to improve every aspect of my life!!! I was even thinking about giving some away as gifts this Holiday Season… who wouldn’t want a gift like this that brings Abundance into EVERY area of YOUR life?!?!?!?! Just Brilliant! Lots of Love to you Zeenat… Keep Creating, the World needs your gifts! - T, United States ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the past few months, I have been in somewhat low spirits. And to add to that I have been facing tremendous and unexpected financial expenses/losses. Unexpected interest charges slapped towards a pending home payment we weren't aware of, booking a nonrefundable flight ticket on the wrong travel date, 2 fraudulent charges on the credit cards, it just went on and on. I was getting tired, angry and frustrated which was causing a lot of stress and friction in the family as well.
Though I received this coaster from Zeenat a couple of months back, I didn't really use it. I had so much going on in my life or energy field, I just wasn't feeling inclined to try anything. But I had reached a low point last week and something came over me and I started to use the coaster. I was done with the negativity and desperately wanted a shift. And shift it did! I can't even begin to explain what a tremendous amount of positivity has come over me. My negative thoughts were being replaced by positive ones. I could sense a vibrational change around me, people were being kinder, my daughter's admission abroad which was getting stretched and delayed finally came through, we found a beautiful house that we plan to move into, all this in a matter of 2 to 3 days!
Yesterday my driver dropped by and handed over a cheque of 30,000/- Indian rupees ($420) towards repayment of a loan we had lent him a few years ago! This was completely unexpected as we had decided to never demand it from him and to allow him as long as he needs to repay. And this was a pleasant surprise as all I faced the past few months were unexpected expenses and for the first time in YEARS I was receiving payment, that was NOT my salary.
I am in awe of what this little tool has done to my life! You have to try it to believe it. Whether my lip balm makes it to my handbag or not, but this coaster is going with me everywhere!! Zeenat, thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such an amazing tool for us! You are incredible! God bless you! N, Pune ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These Coasters Give Me A Sense of Direction And Calm While Working… And I Have Seen A Positive Shift With Work Opportunities & Money! - S, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Healthy Relationships Coaster Has Unlocked My Creative Capabilities In Amazing Ways… And It’s So Incredibly Beautiful! - B, Mumbai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything That I want Has Been Happening For Me… Abundance Is Manifesting All The Time - F, United States -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------