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Stress Release
  • IMPROVES Decision-Making Capabilities… Allowing You to FOCUS on YOU!
  • INSTANTLY begins to RELEASE Stress in ALL Areas of YOUR Life...
  • You will FEEL Calm & Balanced at ALL times!
  • Gently Eases your Stress Levels & TRANSFORMS Stress into Positive Influences!
  • IMPROVES Your Mood… Bringing MORE Joy & Happiness into YOUR daily life!
  • BALANCE Your Emotions… CREATING Calmness in ALL Your Decision Making!


Note: Actual Frame Color may differ from picture

Stress Release

  • Q. How does LLSG Coasters work?
    Light Language codes and instructions are channelled onto a grid for the manifestation of goals, healing of our entire bodies – physical, emotional and spiritual, activation of our DNA and the crystalline structure of our energy system. The energy of the sacred geometry and the light language make the grid powerful and unique. The grids vibrational frequency along with your intention will assist and align your energetic body/space in helping you to achieve/manifest your goal.

    Q. Can I give these coasters as a gift?
    Yes, these beautiful work can be given as gifts to family, friends, etc. as it might sound weird that the coasters/grids select the people who they wish to work with. By you gifting these to them you are serving as a mediator. You were required to do this act of kindness for yours and their highest good.

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