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Who are you Life Purpose?

We all have (if not before this) asked this question to ourselves, What is my life purpose? Why am I here and is there anywhere else where I can be? (this one is my favourite) I wondered if there was some place or someone who would have the answer to this gigantic question. There are times when I wish I had a crystal gazing ball for various questions and this was on my top five. Have noticed that the intensity of this question increases when we are either making a big move in our life or when we are downright stuck. We need validation in case of progress or clarity when stuck.

Few months ago, this question crawled up as I was unable to decide. My core knew what must be done but to take that step forward was so difficult and there walked in was this classic question, what is the purpose of my life. While addressing the question I did manage to find a long term response. I hope this helps all – “MY LIFE PURPOSE IS TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND TO BREATHE”. There it is, simple and straightforward. But does my intellect mind appreciate this answer well ofcourse it doesn’t? There is no challenge, there is no hardship, there is nothing to lose, there is no planning and there is no categorical achievement plan, no timelines and no certainty of any rewards. It is EASY.

It is not that I have stopped thinking but whenever this question pops up this is the answer. I have noticed that any other answer to the said question gives rise to more questions, fear, judgments, criticism, I am not good enough or I need to become more detail oriented etc. the constant chattering. With this response, I am certain that this is my stepping stone or a mini achievement to the bigger unknown or partially visible objective of my existence.

This question has been tossed on to me by my friends and when I smile as a response (well that doesn’t go very well). Now imagine if I must tell you in the given state of anxiety that purpose of life is to give up your lovely settled life and all material gain to the poor and the needy. Will this make you happy? What if you are told at your current age (if you 60 years)  that you are supposed to climb the Mount Everest or you must perform a symphony for an audience of 1000. You will surely die from the fact that you are a have wasted your life till date.

Our life has its way of communicating with us only when we are listening to it. If our purpose was to become an industrialist or a writer or a banker or a painter or humanitarian or an artist etc. we would have been taken on these paths directly or indirectly. It doesn’t have to be based on spirituality or religion or material gain it is based on what our soul feel and need. The fundamental of my existence as I perceive it to be is that things have to be effortless and when they come from that space, there is happiness and the more you built on that you will get joy. If you read the Zen philosophy it is simple – to be in the BE. It says be in the present moment. Good God, isn’t that most difficult of it all. Be in the BE. In a single moment we have so many thoughts – good, bad, positive and negative and if they are bad and negative and if we make decision from that space it causes more harm than anything else.

If a relationship is draining you then that is not the space to be in. Do know that you will need to look at the cause of attracting such poor-quality relationships in the first place. If your job and you are constantly battling but it gets you the finances that will pay your bills etc. please do not leave the job, the fact that you are struggling means you need to understand your relationship with yourself, money and ofcourse with love. Why isn’t money/love effortless? If you are amassing wealth and still at the end of the day you are finding amiss, a gap and sadness that is not fulfilled by shopping and luxurious holidays here too you are putting effort and hoping the bags and passport full of stamps will make you happy.

According to me life purpose is the path to Ahimsa, and I am looking at this from a very subtle level and not gross wherein it is not only about not harming other living and non-living beings but also about not harming or abusing ourselves with our thoughts (fear based), words and action (cognitive and non-cognitive). When you follow or observe the latter this will give us the benevolence towards others and our surrounding. The underlining meaning of life purpose is to be comfortable in all that we do and when done in a manner that gives joy it is nothing but self-love. Your contribution to your self will in turn make a better world for all.

You don’t have to twist and turn yourself inside out all you need is to be in kindness to yourself. Initially for days/months/years it’s going to be difficult as you are unlearning and learning kindness to self requires commitment. Happiness being subjective is difficult to grasp as there are several internal and external limiting belief from where we operate. If gardening is what makes you happy and the fragrance of the rose or the new springing tomatoes fills your heart, please become more aware and perhaps do more of that. If reducing vices can help your liver and lungs to become happy and less stressful then perhaps paying attention to your physical need and will get you the support you require for your highest good.

As life is a stage and we are all playing a big game of monopoly and in this game, we all have what we need – enough breathe to live our life and enough things to meet our needs. When we roll the dice, we are always presented with choices even if it feels not convincing at the first glance hear your intuition and follow your gut. Life that we have is precious and its purpose is to be kind to one own self that will contribute to the collective consciousness of the world making it a better and safe place for all.

So, do wake up and breathe!!

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