I am that I am

I am that I am presence. It is me, my reflection and my higher self. I connect with this energy and expand and when that happens there is an explosion and a unity of me and my higher self I become whole and complete, I become one. I become the consciousness and the awareness. I am the Brahma, I am the power, the wisdom and love. It is me alone who exist. I come from nothingness and I will become nothingness. I am the ego and I am egoless. I am within and I am without. I am the inside and I am the outside. I can dive deep within me and go beyond the horizon. I hold the universe inside of me and whole universe holds me back.

I am the start and I am the end. I am infinite and I cannot be contained. I create and I alone can destroy. I can be strong and weak at the same time. I expand into the space and the space expands within me. I see beyond the time, space and quantum and be one with the galaxy. I am freedom and I am slavery. It’s me alone who can decide the path of expansion my glory needs me to be.

I am the creator and I am perfect as I am perceived I have the rhythm that no one can compete. I am the darkness that alone can pour light. I am duality and polarity. I am powerful as a wind and wild as the ocean, I can stay still as earth and I alone can rage on a fire. I am the presence of unconditional love and I can dissolve in this love.

I am that I am and I shall always be!!

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