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Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Such a beautiful word Attraversiamo, I say in Italian!!

It simply means ‘let’s cross over’, well not from this plane to another, but oh wait even if does imply that how very cool is that. The word has its reference from the book, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and the same as adapted as a movie with Julia Roberts. I have read and watched the movie couple of times and have appreciated both in their respective representations. Much love and light to both ladies one to have found what she needed in her time of despair and for the other for enacting it so brilliantly making each phase as if it was her own.

Back to the word, ‘attraversiamo’ and there comes the…hmmm, but how does one put this simple, small word into action. Few questions that we would have and like to know maybe, “I am crossing over from what?”, “what will change when I cross over ?”, “will life treat me differently?” My favorite one is “how will I feel?” etc.

The word that has a power to liberate you is now facing so many questions. Things that I do understand a little better and amongst that list this one on asking questions is directly proportionate to the level of fear and trust. It has been said ‘as within so without’ the fear and loss of trust keeps us at an all time in state of red alert we are having an unknown battle inside and we see it projecting itself in our surrounding. We don’t trust God or put so much of responsibility on him for all our actions that and at times from the state of fear over trust him, we don’t trust people as we would have tasted back stabbing, or we fear expressing as we were never heard (until we had to reach to a decibel and then you were cited names).

In the whirlpool of questions we miss out on being in the state of Tathagata (one who comes like a wind and goes like a wind). This state of being where you pause breathe and let go with the trust that once you take that step the universe and all universes will take you over to that space of being for which you are here to begin with.

Just a short understanding as to perhaps why we fear and not trust. All our current experiences come from our childhood experiences between the age 0-12 max 13 years. The experiences of this time band is a very important building blocks that sets the mood for our rest of our life. As children more than often we didn’t feel safe with our adults beginning with our parents (bear in mind there are no right or wrong therefore all ways to raise children is best), grand-parents, teachers and relatives. Few examples they would have shouted at us alone or in front of people, compared us, toy either not been given or taken away, called by names, punished through words or beating or worst off a physical abuse etc leaves an impression on the child that plays as a record that ‘I am not good enough, not worthy, I am alone and this is my battle alone and no one will have mercy on me.’ For a child to handle this as too much especially when you are dependent on the two adults.

That’s the beginning of our end, we either fear or we just doubt all intentions. (there are other host of emotions, but for the purpose of this article mentioning these two). We want to know everything we want to plan all the time or we are so afraid that we don’t want to plan till the last minute or we want people’s approval or we do not want people around to avoid situations, we are doubtful/confused or over confident etc. All scenarios in whichever manner shows the imbalance, they show extremities with no solution or calmness. We try so hard to be a perfectionist – to plan or not to plan both requires effort :), shows that there is self work that has too be done and this is true for all of us,  if not then you are the Buddha – the Tathagata, you have no questions, you are in that stillness. There are no internal and external battles, you are in the Zen. You are in the being and in the moment.

If not then my dearies we have self-work to do be done. It’s not our allopathy (English) medication that is stop gap which kills the symptoms not the root cause. To get to the root cause of any dis-ease you have to consider alternative healing psychosomatic approach that helps and cures at your pace. You are healed from the core. There is no start and end to this approach. Siddhartha Gautama didn’t become Buddha overnight he too had to take that step to ‘cross over’ to walk his path to become Tathagata.

A friend of mine once told me at the beginning of my journey – “Life is the only school that waits for the student to be ready”. So true and so awesome!! The moment could arrive while you walking or at this every moment while reading this, it could be at anytime. It’s all about the intention and that will guide you, it will hand hold you to ‘cross over’ and it will bring you to your beginning.


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