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Are you my Soulmate? Part 2

Happy Buddha Purnima, a beautiful Vesākha and a glorious full moon to you all.

A quick mention about today’s full moon as it has relevance with the article. The full moon in Scorpio, is about transformation, rebirth and reaching higher levels of consciousness. Expect everything for you in life will turn inside out, and help you in seeing things clearly as this full moon shines on all the latent and hidden emotions up into the surface for us to resolve and let go. The angle of the full moon suggest that all our relationships would be need to be looked into and therefore awareness and state of allowance is what will help us move forward.

The full moon has been coupled with the conjunct between the Moon, Spica and Jupiter (May 9 to 12) and indicating a heavy period for most. This conjunct beside bringing in physical discomfort will aim at uniting the twin flames and healing of karmic relationships. This period will bring up high emotions and do not be surprised when the exes or recently shattered relationships show up for the healing or closure. Stay grounded and allow things to happen for your higher good.

Moving on to the final part of the series on ‘Are you my Soulmate? Part 2’

Twin Flames  –  “I look into your eyes and I’m sure that some divine artist dipped her brush in the same soul and used it to paint us both.” ― Cristen Rodgers

Yes, this is simplest way to describe our twin flame relationship, they are our mirror, they are the exact us in all aspects. Imagine how much we dislike and run away from our shadow selves and now imagine this person standing in front of you showing our negative side so loud and clear. They are what our heart most desires but being with them is not easy. You may have more than one twin flame and may meet them in one or more lifetimes. A twin flame relationship is said to get us ready to meet our soulmate.

Relationship with a twin flame is full of passion and drama. All relationships come with their level of drama but with this one there is a lot of both trauma and drama. We think that we are meant to be together but there is so much pain that one will step back and when away get drawn into it again. The re-uniting is promising and we wish for it to be blissful but alas! In this relationship, both are sitting at the edge of the seat as we ourselves being so unpredictable will find it difficult to know what is in store for us next. There is an intense change we experience with them, we are often on a roller coaster ride with our partner that helps us see the rainbow of our life. When up in the sky we have the clarity but while we descend, there is a knot of wanting to run. They are too good to be true. We have a cord of attachment with our twin flame that runs deep as they are coming through from various life times, dimensions, matrixes and realities’ and is very difficult to cut them. We may move away from them physically but can’t for long moving etherical is difficult.

When with them we might have an occasional feeling that we are “trying to teach math to a buffalo” (a borrowed quote from my friend), as we want them to see our point of view and adapt to the same. These relationships do have a high potential to work only if both decide to see the yin and yang side of each other and work on the healing of that which is missing in us. Our twin partner is the perfect fit to the puzzle its only our awareness that can help us to be together. Besides being a passionate relationship it diversifies into them being our teacher, friend, philosopher and guide.

In both karmic and twin flame one partner will have a more spiritual bend that helps both if willing to stay grounded. They enable us to see our core wounds, life purpose and path. The uncanny part often about the twin flame are the common aspects that come with this relation right from same birth-dates even if that goes in the reverse manner, family background and in case family occupation.

Soulmate Relationship –  as the name suggest they are an integral part of our soul they are our perfect match, they are the comforter, a warm quilt during the cold winter night, a breath of fresh air in the spring morning. They make our heart sing, they love our smile and we wait to hear them laugh. Most often we need that one person to help us to be our inspiration and aspiration and in this relationship we find that to form a spell for our betterment. The relationship focus is on the spiritual growth and well-being. There is an understanding that it is built over time and note that the relationship may not have a smooth start but it does settle down.

This relationship does not follow the standard protocol and does not fit the romance and partner viable check list (in case you have one :) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder please go with that. Further, I am certain that we meet our soulmate in the divine time wherein our spiritual awareness has also grown and wherein we appreciate matter over material.

Our partner maybe reward for our work that we are either doing now or they have come to support us or is the result of all past lifetime work that was done. Find a way to keep them even if you have don’t know how, they are perfect beyond words. If silence could speak it is what you experience with them, words become accessories and you can do without them too. There is sharing of everything and no judgments in this abode of love. In this relationship, our mind is not agitated and surely it is not wanting to run away. This relationship is here to stay. The chatter does not end but at least there is calmness that allows us to experience the fullest of what has to be in a relationship.

Being on a higher journey both have similar beliefs and goals and there is a constant flow of conversations that are easy and non -confrontational. Point of views although can become a challenge is respected and without blinking flaws are accepted too. In this relationship to say ‘sorry’ doesn’t bring up the defense and there is no pride attached when you accept the apology.  All type of relationship requires giving to make the partner happy in this one however, you are not taken for granted and your partner gives in equal if not more.

Wow now that is what we all look forward to and may we all receive it too.

It is worth mentioning here that each type of relationship helps us in our emotional, spiritual, physiological and psychological growth. My pray goes out that may we all find the one our heart desires for us to grow and expand. Yes yes yes and so it is.

As I had mentioned in my earlier article Love and Relationship* our partner/s are our reflection, they have taken the pain to be the way so that they can see our shortcomings and learning. Enjoy them by just being. Few things that can help –

Gratitude – it would be nice to say, ‘thank you’ to our partner as without them we wouldn’t have reached where we are today. I give gratitude to each and every loving, bad, sad and mad relationships that I’ve gone through. My partner had and is contributing to my learning. I have now started to say thank you each day for the sunshine in my life as the madness has a better meaning.

I Love You – The sound of ‘I love you’ is so exhilarating, would love to hear it daily. The type of relationships doesn’t matter as the impact and the effect of saying these three words is the same. It would be nice to surely say this often even though at times your partner maybe romantically challenged. Also, when you say it to them you are actually saying it to your inner self and that is so rewarding.

Show Affection – Hug them and of course kiss their forehead. In both cases it enhances sense of belonging and protection to the third eye respectively.

Seek Help – If your past relationships (this also includes our parents) is in some way causing confusion and doubt in your current relationship and if you consider your partner important but don’t know how to move, please seek help along with your partner for your and their sake. It takes villages to help you through your healing.

To conclude, relationships are meant to last. It is not the type but our attitude towards them that decides their shelf life. We can continue being with our karmic partner even after easing out our debt, it is not that when the work is done we ought to leave. We are our own demons and there is no point in blaming our parents, friends or society it is us all the way. It is our past accumulated inhibition, incapacity, fear, doubt, low self-esteem that gets us our current partner and you can either stay or end things. Also note nobody has said that we are entitled to only one type of relationship in the said lifetime, we could experience one or all in different juncture of my phase of our life and if the love for partner is there nothing on this universe will stop us from being together.

“I’ve been fighting to be who I am all my life. What’s the point of being who I am, if I can’t have the person who was worth all the fighting for?” ― Stephanie Lennox, I Don’t Remember You

Happy Reading and a Happy Full Moon

Stay Blessed

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