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I came from nothing and I will disappear into nothing. Time spent here is short and is filled with learning to unlearn my past and to let go of my future. As I spend time to be in the now and expand myself to evolve, so when I ascend into nothingness my light be shine upon you to brighten your life as I go

– Zeenat Lakdawalla

I am a Spiritual Artist, the creator of the World’s first Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids(LSGCG)!


I have launched several powerful Grids and Transmissions. To name a few, the beautifully handmade ‘Luxury Laxmi Grid’ for Manifestation of More Money, and the ‘Ganesha Grid’ for releasing obstacles. Besides this, I have done over 100 of customised and semi-customised LLSGC Grids and shipped them across the Globe.


I started my journey over a decade ago, being a light-worker with high intuitive capabilities allows me to effectively use Light Language either through grids or transmissions. I use Light Language along with other modalities while working with clients to have faster results.


I help and assist clients: 

  • to heal and manifest more money

  • fulfilling careers with new jobs/roles

  • open to receiving financial freedom

  • find life partner

  • move from stuckness to creation

  • have a healthy approach towards physical and emotional bodies and much more...


My biggest achievement is when I do one-on-one sessions is to empower my clients so that they can do their healing with the tools that I bring down and also through the work assignments that I give my clients to work on, between my sessions making them more self-reliant and confident.


My goal is to help people Heal, Explore and Expand. My physical body is just a vessel, a conduit and it gives me tremendous joy to create Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids (LLSGCG) and bring down transmission for people’s higher self. 


For my personal well-being, I practice Vipassana, Art of Living, Yoga and walk. I further enjoy penning down my thoughts through a blog on my website.


I am a certified practitioner for the Akashic records, Tibetan bowls, Scrying Level 1-3, Pendulum Dowsing with Angels, Angel and Tarot card reading, Crystal Therapy and a Munay Ki teacher - 13 Rites.

I have studied Hypnotherapy level one and two from the California Hypnosis Institute of India and also completed The Diana Cooper School foundation course for Angel and Ascension (Atlantis).

Practitioner of ancient Japanese healing art ‘Jin Shin Jyutus’ - designed to harmonize physical energies.

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