How do I decide which grid do I want?

Only and only the right grid will be made for you as it this is done in collaboration with your higher self that is working for your highest good. Having said that when you take an consultation appointment with me (which is done over a phone/WhatsApp or Skype call) wherein you explain to me the area/s of concern and through the same we arrive the title.

What is the difference between customised and non customised grids?

Both types of grids follow the same process i.e. Light Language, Sacred Geometry and Crystals the major difference however are ---

Individual/Group Individual Group
Downloads of Codes Unique Not Unique
Programming of Crystals With the individual intention NA

How do I connect or book an appointment?

Follow the link for booking your appointment.

Will it be for individual person or one grid taking care of the entire family? How do I proceed if I wish to make grid for an entire family?

You need to click on family booking button and follow the instructions. We can do a skype call or personal visit (only for people staying in Mumbai). Request you to click on family booking button and follow the instructions.

In how many days will I receive the grid once I make the payment?

This is a non–interference process which means it is driven by Divine timing!!! The minute you make the payment and I put your name down on the sheet, I am nudged to pick up your grid when you are ready to receive it. Sometimes I am working with four to five grids and I realised that each one is working for the other. I have to keep them together as they are filling the blanks. So, technically you may receive a single grid but you must know that more than three to four grids energies are encapsulated in your grid. So thank you God for the support that is continuously appearing in our lives!!!

Do all grids come with crystals and glass wooden box frame?

We do not include crystals and glass wooden box frame if there is shipping involved outside Mumbai and International. However if you collect your grid personally then we include the crystals and the glass wooden box frame. This will increase the cost of the grid.

How to set intention and enhance grid energies?

The first line of intention is already in place such as ‘Unconditional love’, ‘abundance and prosperity’, ‘physical healing, ‘emotional healing’, ‘achieving sales numbers’, etc. If you need to enhance the grid intention with your energies and little deeper intention. Note: this is an optional requirement.
To enhance the grid with your energies:

  • Hold the grid in your non- dominate hand and concentrate on every element
  • Close your eyes and be in gratitude that the grid has come in your space to provide the necessary support for you to achieve your wish, desire or goal
  • Visualise your intention has been fulfilled

Where do I place the grid?

You can either mount or place the grid on the wall at your home or work place.

How do I take care of the grid?

  • Keep the grid in the open allow light to flow. Due to circumstances, the grid is kept in a cupboard, then, do remove them once in the day to look at it to allow the energy flow
  • When you look at the grid the language, scared geometry and crystal seeps into you
  • Clean the frame with plain cloth
  • Keep the grid in out during full moon night as it will enhance its energy (crystals love the moonlight spa 😊)

What is Light Language?

Light language is the downloading of frequency or codes that are channelled through sound or writing. The download of the codes are in form of geometrical and non-geometrical symbols such as algebraic formulas, Egyptian hieroglyphs etc. These are extremely powerful downloads and when these codes are infused in a crystal grids they makes an energy double dose for the user. These will provide faster results in achievement of goals as they will help in opening of blocks and stuck energies. Being the language of heart, it is accessed from the outer realms that are beyond comprehension of the mind. The codes work with our higher self (i.e. at the soul level) and enters your DNA at a cellular level helping us to reconnect with our blueprints and upgrade our templates in becoming a new humane. The download is done by the higher self and the physical body works as a conduit that pens or speak them aloud. The light language helps us in our process of healing at our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. There are different dialects and scripts of this language. And there are many who can speak and write more than one language. Each language has its origin and purpose for helping us in our process of accession. With the consistent exposure to the language we can move ahead of mind, there is an increase in intuition, healing, balancing, alignment, releasing of blocks, unlock memories, to name a few.

What is Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids (LLSGCG)?

Grids are a combination of using energies of sacred geometry and crystal stones/gems to manifest one’s desires/purpose. Grids use more than one crystal and are placed in a manner making it a powerful energy booster that are programmed to give desired output such as new beginning in life or new job or life partner or children, health, harmony and balance, peace, self-worth, chakra balancing, improve sleep etc.

How does LLSGCG work?

For the first time these codes are been channelled onto crystal grids for manifestation of goals, healing of our entire bodies – physical, emotional and spiritual, activation of our DNA and the crystalline structure of our chakra system. The energy of the sacred geometry, crystal and the light language make the grid powerful and unique. The grids vibrational frequency along with your intention will assist and align your energetic body/space in helping you to achieve/manifest your goal.

What is light language (LL) transmission?

Light Language Transmission is channeling of multidimensional Codes through high vibrational sound and tones. These sounds and tones interact with your energy field and cellular memory to heal and activate your DNA and Blueprint. We all have in our cells 12 strands of DNA of which only two strands are active. We are currently using only 10% of the active DNA, so you can see with 10% usage we have managed to create the life that we live. When we hear or work with the codes these high-power frequencies help us to increase our vibration to allow you to tap into your potential. Being codes these are non -translatable and can help in your healing your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. By having a consistent exposure to the language, you can move ahead of mind, there is an increase in intuition, healing, balancing, alignment, releasing of blocks, unlock memories, purpose in life to name a few. We can live our full potential of receiving love, health, wealth and relationship when we vibrate on these codes which is the true us. Being the language of heart, it is accessed from the outer realms that are beyond comprehension of the mind. When you listen or run your hand or by mere seeing the codes they enter our body through our auric field, through our blood stream into the cells. These codes balance of chakras or healing of some core wounds that are causing stuckness. Helping us to work or release fear, worries, blocks, etc. These codes interact with the higher self and help in clearing past lifetimes, ancestral healing etc.

When I get the grid or I listen to the transmission will I be 100% ok. Will I have no trouble in life there after?

The grid and transmissions are tools to help open up your DNA. It will support you through your journey. They will guide you and if it means that a consultation with a doctor for your physical aliment is required then it has to be done or if you have to let go of a relationship and the fear that was holding you needs attention then it does. I have seen that people get guided to the right doctors or are able to change their lifestyle that will not allow the old relationship etc..I wish if everything in life was in status quo. Since change is the only constant in our lives, I cannot foretell your future choices. If you change your behavior or action the impact of all medicines wears off and this is no different for the LLSGC grids and LL Transmission.Please note the choice is always yours.

What is the return or exchange policy?

- SoulSearch® does not accept returns and exchanges - SoulSearch® does not accept cancellations However please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Where did it LL originated from?

We are all born with the knowing of this language. As the earth was vibrating up-to few years ago in 3D dimension frequency this knowing was forgotten by the critical mass. We have had flashes of this knowing but as we do not understand this in our lower frequency bodies we have never acknowledged the same. Post 2012 as most as have experienced that there is a tremendous shift in our physical bodies in our energies and this is the shift that has been created by our planet Earth. Mother Gaia our beloved keeper our care giver is shifting her frequency from 3D to 5D and as a result we are also experiencing the shift. The shift primarily is to heal ourselves and to let go of the old way of living. Since 2012 we have been looking at concepts such as self-love, self-acceptance, good enough etc. in deeper ways.

I have had experience of a weird dreams about people who hurt me and caused anger of confrontations. This was after the second time of transmission and I have not been able to release that trauma of hurt. So must I listen to it again?

Yes please listen to it. Must mention to you that dreams are a form of non-verbal release and they are very effective. So YES to more releasing!!!

Post listening to the call, actually while the transmission strangely my solar plexus was literally jumping and was feeling very sleepy too. Is it normal to feel this?

So glad you heard the download. And thank you for sharing the same. The pulsation is the movement of stuck energy release and shift taking place.
Please drink water and may you sleep like a baby.

After I heard the download of the call lots of emotions are coming up and tears started flowing. Sleep was disturbed too.

You were able to release something that is no longer serving you. Sleep will become better. Do hear it once again.

What are the expected effects when I hear or when I am part of the transmission?

Light language will help you release whatever was not required in your system. Following are the release points - burping, stomach rumbling, rush to the washroom, intense detoxification, deep connection within, feeling of reassurance, loved, peaceful, & it will resonate at Soul level.

Can I gift Light Language transmission to a friend and family?

Yes, you can gift them and gifting these sessions are such an amazing act. You are helping in spreading the change that will help ultimately humanity.

If somebody touches my grid will they feel the sensation?

The grid even if visible or touched by others does not change anything for you. It does not dilute the purpose or its working on you. There may be times that some aspect of your grid may also resonate with someone else and they too benefit from the same.

What does falling of crystals mean?

It only means that the falling crystals work has been completed and it is no longer required on the grid. Having said that please do not open the Grid to remove the crystal let the crystal be in the box. Crystals, are very gentle beings they do not have any side effects.

Must I give away my grid if all the crystals fall?

This can be decided once we connect. It’s very subjective and it may mean that you have upgraded and a new grid is required or something new has to be added in the existing grid.

The energy that I receive when three to four grids are working with me. Is that safe? Why would I want other peoples energy?

You are not taking anybody’s energy as these are codes that are downloaded from the purest space of love. This energy is supreme and filled with the creators love.

Does cost of grid include despatch for outside Mumbai and International?

An additional shipping charges are levied for India (outside Mumbai) and International clients.

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