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SoulSearch® is the world’s first company to make handmade Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal (LLSGC) grids. The combination of these three technologies is unique and powerful and extremely high vibrational frequency that will assist you in your journey in whichever aspect you’re looking at. Whether in the material or the spiritual realms – such as new beginnings in life or new job or life partner or children, health, harmony and balance, peace, self-worth, chakra balancing, improve sleep etc. Additionally, I am blessed in bring down these codes in form of sound and tone to harmonise and tune your higher self.


SoulSearch® has no beginning and no end.  When we in our physical form decide to tap within ourselves we set in motion the wheel of light and love. We’re here to unravel our true being and that spirals growth and spiritual progress. The journey of ‘Self - Love’, belief and trust begins in that one single action.


SoulSearch® maybe my brainchild but it has taken and it continues to take a village to bring their expertise and passion in organically growing this brand. Each day I am given new opportunity to interact with new people and to bring this work to them through either grids or through transmission.


I put my highest intention of making these grids and transmission as per the guidance received. I wish each one of you much love, light and guidance for your highest good.



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